How To Connect to your VPS
You can connect to your VPS easily from anywhere.
Supporting Platforms :- Windows, Mac, Linux Desktops, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android Phone, Android Tablet.

How To Connect to your VPS:
First of all download and install RDP Client for your appropriate machine / device:-

For Mac Users

How to Setup Microsoft RDP on Mac :-
Step 1 :- After Downloading the Microsoft RDP on your Mac open it.

Step 2 :- Now click on New and enter your Computer name / IP, user and password given to you in the order completion mail.

Step 3 :- After Entering the Details just click on the Red x button on the top left and it will be saved. Then launch your VPS by double clicking on the VPS name.

For Windows Users

After Installing the Ericom Blaze Client open it and enter your Computer name / IP, user and password given to you.
If you are outside of France, please use these settings:
Step 1 - In General (Main Tab) check the box: RDP Compression Acceleration as showing in Image below.
Step 2 - Go to Advanced, Choose Connect Using Standalone Access Server: Paste:

It should look like this:
Troubleshooting: If you are not able to connect using acceleration settings then kindly turn it off and then try connecting.

You can also use Microsoft RDP app or Windows in built Remote Desktop Connection to connect.

Tweak Settings For Faster Speed:
RDP Compression > Fastest / Fair Quality
Experience Tab > Select Modem
(Optional) Local Resources > Settings > Do not Play Sound (If you don't need it)
DO NOT DOWNLOAD stuff and DO NOT USE VPN/PROXY while connected to your VPS / Server, that will make your internet a lot faster.

These settings are for productivity goals.If you want a better image, you can experiment with other settings.

If you want to reboot your VPS or reset the password kindly open a support ticket for it!

Not able to use Ericom Blaze / Connection Issues / Lag?

If for some reason it is still slow or you are having problems connecting, you can use the Windows Remote Desktop Client.

Please check the link for more information: Windows Remote Desktop Client

Additional Info for All Users

In order to use Captcha Service:
Senuke: Choose Captcha Sniper and Click on Test

We highly suggest you to use a paid 2nd service like DBC (, specially for Recaptcha and complex captchas that are 80% of senuke sites and our service can't solve effectively (No Automatic services can do it, so USE DBC because they use humans to solve them)
The best ratio in our experience is 1st service captcha sniper (1 try) and then second service DBC (2 tries)

Level 1 - Scrapebox VPS and Level 2 - Senuke VPS Users: Choose DECAPTCHA and it should be able to redirect to our captcha service.

Please for Blog Commenting and Forum Registrations use ALWAYS Proxies. For Speed Reasons, Please AVOID normal RDP! First download and install on your computer the RDP Blaze client.

We highly suggest you the proxies from: Click Here.
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