How to Pause / Cancel your VPS Subscription without Losing Data

You might be thinking that is it possible that if you want to go on a vacation for some time and also would like to use our VPS in future, but don’t want to lose your data then we would like to say that its 100% possible 😉

You can easily backup your VPS by downloading our Backup Tool on your VPS and then after using the backup tool simply upload the backup file on any cloud storage like Dropbox, Google Drive, Mega etc… and then you can cancel your subscription or close your VPS and can leave for a vacation.

(Note :- No refund on cancellation of your VPS)

When you would like to use our VPS again then all you need to do is simply go to Shop and buy the VPS and then just download the Restore Tool on your VPS when we give you your new VPS. Open the backup file in the Restore Tool and just wait for few minutes your VPS will be restored with all the data present in the Backup Zip File.

(Note :- Our backup tool don’t backup everything from the VPS so make sure to cross check the backup zip file which you get after the backup is finished and then check what all data is present in the backup file, and manually backup the things not present in the backup file).


Super SEO VPS Team.