Article Builder Dedicated Account

Article Builder Dedicated Account

Just ($10/month)


Article Builder Ac which is provided in the VPS is shared Ac so the credits gets exhausted if someone else uses it up fast. If you like to have your own Article Builder Dedicated Ac in your VPS then you can buy it from here.


After buying pls open a Support Ticket and provide your VPS IP / Computer Name, VPS Username & VPS Password in the support ticket to add Article Builder Dedicated Ac in your VPS.


Note :- It’s just for the customers who own our VPS.


VPS Username field can't be Empty
VPS Username will be like - SuperSeoVPSxxxx. Where xxxx is your unique VPS account number. So you need to enter that full above like for example :- SuperSeoVPS1234

If you don't know your VPS username then kindly check your VPS order completion mail which you had received in your registered account email inbox.

Note :-
1)Make sure you enter your VPS Username properly.
2)No Refunds!
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